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Jun, 01 2022

Hip Hop Lesson At School

Teaching kids about the A B C on hip hop history and independent artistry.
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Jun, 20 2021

Rhytm and Denim teams up with Grustler

Hip Hop, Art and Denim is Rhtym And Denim
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Jun, 09 2021

Grustler is ready to "pop off" ... still stands!

Throwback: Here goes some history of Grustler, dating back to 2004.
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May, 23 2021

Adam Silverstein speaks about Grustler

New York / Bronx Universal Hip Hop Museum's own Adam Silverstein drops a few words on Kukoo Da Baga Bonez aka Grustler. Both Adam and Kuk go back a long time., so these kind of words are heavyweight.
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Apr, 14 2021

George DuBose speaks about Grustler

Another shoutout, this time from the iconic music photographer and long term friend George DuBose
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Jan, 16 2021

Rob Principe giving Grustler his flowers

Check out my long time friend and colleague Rob Principe, CEO of Scratch Academy.